No judgment

I always had a tough time understanding how to achieve 'no judgment' so repeatedly referred by meditation practitioners. Realization… »

The happiness trap

I am reading a wonderful book by Russ Harris: The Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling and Start Living: A Guide to ACT . Why read I… »

Importance of sleep

Everyone seems to know the importance of a good night sleep. But do we all pay as much attention to it as it deserves? Keep it regular I… »


Sometimes I feel like an old, rusty car. There was a time not so far back in the past I felt like a brand new powerful Mustang… »

Don't lose hope

There are many personal victory stories out there. It is better to keep your hopes high than not. Staying positive One can not win a battle… »

Pexola hell

Be careful what you put in your system. It is an amazing thing that a medication measured in milligrams can wreak such a havoc. Dopamine… »


It takes a split second for your tomorrow to be completely different than your yesterday. The suspicion It's around March 2010. I am… »