About me

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease on April 6th, 2010. I was 42 years old. My life has changed drastically after that appointment at the neurologist's office.

I am an engineer by education and career. I have a B.S.in civil enginnering and M.S. in computer science both from American universities.

I have been to see renowned Parkinson's specialists in Turkey and USA. In addition to 'western' medical help, I also seeked solutions in untraditional ways.

I have decided to run this site with the hope that the things I've come across while trying to beat this disease might be helpful for fellow sufferers.

This is in no way a profit-driven effort. I am not the mouth-piece for any medical institution, method nor any pharmaceutical company.

If the stories I share here talk about some pills, some food items, books I've read and if and only if I think they have been useful in my quest, I may place links to where to buy the item. Some of those links might be 'referrals' a.k.a 'affiliate marketing' links. If the store you are directed to is, say, Amazon.com and if you decide to buy the item, Amazon will pay me a percentage from that sale.

It takes a heartless person to try to make a profit out of others' misfortunes by trying to get them to spend their money on worthless products. What is worse still is the false hope that gets the sufferer and the close ones excited.

In summary, this is the story of me with Parkinson's. An honest one.


I may mention medical doctors' names and pills I use. The opinions I will state are my own and can sometimes be negative. I have no secondary agenda to promote another person and/or medication.

You have questions?

In case you have questions and/or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or twitter.

I will try to answer your messages as soon as I can.